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Solar Power Systems in Cape Coral

   Find out why more and more people trust Sun Commercial Solar now Stilwell Solar to install solar power on their homes and businesses.

 Imagine having your own solar power system for your home or business. Your new system is producing all of your energy needs and working seamlessly with your existing electrical equipment. Now you can take control of the ever increasing electric cost by installing solar PV.  We can help you make it happen.

   Sun Commercial Solar now Stilwell Solar. We are State Licensed Electrical contractors with more than 25 years in the electrical trade.

   We service all of S.W. Florida including; Naples, Estero, Bonita Springs, Sanibel Island, Ft.Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Punta Gorda. We install on all types of roofing including concrete tile, ground mounted, flat- low sloped commercial roofing, shingle and metal roofing.

We are a small company with a high attention to detail and quality in our installations. Michael is on every job to insure the best install possible and truly cares about your satisfaction with your new system.

Concerned about power outages due to a Hurricane?  We offer battery backup systems that can power some or all of your household items.

 Let the "SUN" power your home or business. Here at Sun Commercial Solar, Solar panels and solar power systems are our specialty, in fact it's all we do!


frequently asked questions

Q.  What is the difference between solar for hot water and solar for electric?

A.   Solar Panels that heat water for pools or domestic hot water inside your home are called thermal solar systems. We have installed and repaired thousands of solar pool heating systems in Southwest Florida.

      Solar that produces electricity is called photovoltaic, or PV.  Solar Power is are our specialty and that is where we shine!

Q.  How much does PV cost?

 A.  Solar power system installation costs vary depending on equipment, size of the project, Roof type and so on. The smallest systems we have installed for residential customers, the cost was about 8k and up to 50k + for some larger homes. The price we quote includes everything.

Q.  I am worried about roof leaks, how do you keep my roof safe from damage?

A.   We use the industries best practices for solar panel roof attachments including flashing and commercial grade roof sealants designed for the application. Some contractors in the past failed to use flashing and used sub standard sealants resulting in leaks and unhappy customers. Some installations require no penetrations with the equipment we use.

Q.  How does the solar power system work?

A.  Solar power systems use the sunlight to generate electricity. The solar power system converts this electricity to grid quality electric and delivers it to your electric service panel. Our solar power system makes it possible to have a solar powered house or solar powered business.

     The solar power system generates power for all of your electric appliances including air conditioning, well pumps and pool pumps, kitchen and laundry appliances, electronics, TVs, laptops and so on. So you don`t have to think about each thing being solar powered, the solar power generator does all of this for you. 

Q. What about a solar powered pool pump or air conditioner?

A. Like we said above, we find it most cost effective to do a whole house solar power system rather than buying more expensive solar powered products for each item in your home. 

Q.  Do I need batteries for my solar power system?

A.   Most solar power system installations do not use batteries and they are called  "Grid-Tied" systems. They connect directly to your breaker panel and sync up to the utility power. With a solar power generator you use the power or feed it back into the grid. 

Q.  What happens with my solar power system if the Grid goes down?

A.   Grid -Tied solar powered systems will shut down. Because they are wired directly to your breaker panel with no transfer switch, the systems shut down to prevent  back feeding into the grid. The systems that use batteries can supply emergency standby power. The extra cost for batteries can be substantial. New technology for Electric cars and truck will allow the use of the battery to power your home. We will offer this technology as  soon as it is available. 

We also have a new promotion, see our Solar Plus Generator page.

Contact us for more information.

Q.  So how does the power company handle these solar power system installations?

A.   You as their customer are required to sign a solar power system interconnection agreement between you and them. We will provide you with the paperwork and guide you through the process, it is pretty easy. The power company will install a new meter that can measure the solar power you are producing / or the power they deliver and you  are consuming. This is called a "Bi-directional meter" and the policy is called "Net-Metering." The power company pays you dollar for dollar for the energy you produce.  So when it is daytime and you are producing clean solar energy, if you produce more than you use, you get credit for the production. During the night it is like the utility is a battery for you to use.

Q.  What if I want to put in a huge solar power generator system and sell back to the power company?

A.    Most utilities credit your overproduction from the solar power system, and settle up with you yearly. The trick is they will only pay you their wholesale cost for power you over produced. For example you may be paying .11 to.17

 a kWh.  The power company is only paying  .04 a kWh.

We help our customers by sizing their solar power system to fit their needs and goals. Most of the time that goal is to size it as close as possible to eliminate the electric bill without overproducing from your solar power system.

Q. What about the solar power system equipment? How long will it work?

A.   Photovoltaics or PV is not a new technology. There are solar power systems in California that are 40+ years old and still working.

Solar panels today have energy production warranties for 25-30 years depending on the brand.

Solar Inverters have 10 to 30 year warranties depending on brand and type.

We install every system to last 30+ years.

Q. How long does it take to install the system?

A. The installation itself is pretty quick. Depending on the size of the job, and roof type, 1 to 3 days. Battery systems a little longer. 

One thing to keep in mind, the process to get the permit can take time. I think a lot of solar and electrical contractors will agree, Florida needs a standardized permit process to streamline solar permitting. It would seem every county and every building department has their own rules and all require different documents to obtain the permit. All of them require plan review, I have seen this take less than a week and in some cases and as much as 8 weeks.

Q.  What else should I know about your company?

A.  We like what we do. We want you have the best experience with your solar power system as possible. We make the process easy and we make sure it will produce the energy expected, we make sure the installation is the best from equipment to installation practices. From our first time we meet with you and for years to come we want you to be happy with your new solar power system and our company.

We welcome any other questions you may have about solar power systems and we will provide you with information as well as a second opinion on equipment or installation proposals from any company.

Chris Christofferson
My experience:

" My wife and I could not be more please with Mike Finks professionalism, thoughtfulness, drive, promptness and enthusiasm. The hardest working professional I have truly met. We went from over $300.00 to under $100.00 a month electric bill. We highly recommend Mr Mike Fink to anyone that wants to lower their electric bill and installed by someone of great standard and professionalism."

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Robert Lofdahl
My experience:

"Mr Fink came to our home and explained the process of using solar power to run our entire house. He had a sample of the contact we could sign outlining the cost and scope of the project. We signed and the turn key project was completed perfectly. Power company bill evaporated."