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We Know Load Control. We started installing load management equipment back in 1986. We can assist you with energy monitoring, load control strategies and Demand Charge Solutions to drastically reduce your electric utility bills. All of our electricians possess years of on-the-job experience. Not only that, they're also state certified and committed to keeping up with the latest advances in the field. You can rest easy, because your electrical needs will be in the best and most experienced hands that it can be.


  • Solar electric systems
  • Demand charge solutions
  • Solar Attic Vents
  • Energy monitoring
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • ​System financing


Demand Charges were a huge factor in our monthly electric bills,

Sun Commercial Solar helped us control these expenditures. Contact them and take control!



Business Owner.

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"Imagine Owning the      power company" 

Imagine generating your own power with solar.

Imagine having your own secure power supply, or even being off the grid if you like.

We can help you make it happen. We have the most experienced solar electric team in Southwest Florida, industry-certified master electricians with years of experience working for both our commercial and residential clients.

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Sun Commercial Solar is proud to support the ASPCA and its mission to save lives. To learn more, visit