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​Sun Commercial Solar now offers bundle loans to help eliminate high interest dept and purchase solar power. Even if you have late payments on your mortgage or other loans. This may be the answer. You can consolidate your bills including credit cards, car payments and more plus add solar power to eliminate your energy usage on your power bill.

Here is an example of how this can help you and even raise your credit score.

Take a look at all of your payments to credit cards, car loans, second mortgage, other payments. Now look at how much you pay the power company each month. Now add all of these up and look at that total payment each month.

What if the bundle loan could cut that monthly amount in half or more, plus boost your credit score by paying off the high interest loans and credit card debt.

Just imagine how good it would feel to be out from under that debt and have one low payment each month. The weight has lifted and the pressure is off.  The extra bonus you have now is a clean solar power system you own and knowing you control your own power, not the power company.


Deal directly with Sun Commercial Solar. No sub contractors. No high pressure sales. High quality systems with 25 year warranties including installation. 

Contact us to see if the Solar Power Bundle Loan is right for you. We offer a free no obligation quote. This loan is easy to qualify for, even with less than perfect credit. We can get you a quick answer and get you approved.

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