We know investing in solar needs to make financial sense. We have a financial analysis tool we use to give you all of the numbers to help you decide if a solar power system is right for your home or business. Sun Commercial Solar can provide you with this report and show details like; The cost of doing nothing, Levelized Energy Cost, Carbon Footprint, System Summary including size and equipment, How to interpret financial ratios and measures, Cash flow details for the system, Return On Investment.

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‚ÄčTIP; The number one thing other companies may do is over estimate the energy and dollars per month the system will generate. This leads to unrealistic numbers and unrealistic ROI. Contact us for a true look at what a solar power system can do for you.

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solar power energy Services

Solar Power Roof Solution.

Why just re-roof when you can get a great return on investment by adding solar power. Get the full advantages of solar included in your roof project. The Solar Roof Solution gets you the Federal 30% tax credit and you can take advantage of the MACRS depreciation schedule.

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Solar Power System. Reduce or eliminate your energy bill with solar generation. We offer grid-tied solar power systems with string inverters from SMA and the new TL series with secure power supply.

We feature US made Mission Solar, Solar Tech Universal, and optional Canadian Solar-not US made, for our top choices for solar panels.

For  large commercial projects, inverters from Solectria Renewables, SMA. The new Enphase IQ Plus series.

Produce all of your power with a solar power system.

We have clients with power bills that have only the fee to be connected to the grid.

Demand Charge Strategies. We will work with you to determine the best solution to avoid commercial demand charges.

Solar Energy Monitoring Equipment. We can install energy monitoring equipment to identify peak loads at your facility. 

Load Management Equipment. We can deploy load shedding devices to shift the peak loads and avoid the demand charges from the power company.

Energy Storage Solutions. We can install battery systems to divert loads and avoid demand charges. Our battery systems can provide back up power for homes and businesses in grid outages.

Electrical Service Upgrades. We can increase the size of your electrical service to accommodate the NEC requirements for solar power system interconnection.

Solar Power Equipment Repair Service. We are factory trained service providers for Solar Inverter Manufacturers.

System Financing. We have excellent financing options available.

"let  the  sun  Power  Your  home or Business"