Ideal Applications include:

·         Pathway lighting

·         Parking lot

·         Bike Path lighting

·         Multi-use trail lighting

·         Municipal park lighting

·         Campus lighting

·         Egress lighting

·         Landscape lighting

·         Commercial area lighting

·         Public area lighting

·         Transit lighting

·         HOA lighting


                                                        (HPS)                      Led

Equipment/parts.                  $30,000              $64,000

Installation                           $10,000              $10,000

Trenching and Wiring       $32,800                   $ 0

ten years electric bills     $8200                      $ 0

Bulb replacement

and maintenance                 $60,000                  $ 0

totals                                       $141,000              $74,000

We can walk you through the process from beginning to end. Sun Commercial Solar has been installing solar power systems starting in 2007 and Licensed Electrical Contractor since 2004. We have installed over 250 projects all of Florida. Now we focus on just Lee, Charlotte and Collier counties in Southwest Florida. We are also factory trained service providers for major solar inverter manufacturers. Our background includes many years working for a local electric utility company, so we have good contact within the power company and understand the details. All of this experience adds up to an easier process for you that will speed up the process and get your solar power system up and running as quick as possible.

Compare 10 years from installation and maintenance cost.  10 Light Fixtures Installed.

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Compare the advantages of solar led light to old style High Pressure Sodium lighting commonly used in the past.

"let  the  sun  Power  Your  home or Business"

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