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"let  the  sun  Power  Your  home or Business"

Solar Plus Generator

​  We get a lot of questions about solar with batteries for emergency power. Yes this is possible, but what we have found is the large investment it too much for most people, and then the systems are limited to a few items in your home and most of these battery systems can not run the air conditioner.

(Did you know if the batteries go bad, the system can't work at all. No power even in the daytime.)

 The problem we see is most of our customers want to run the big stuff, like the Central Air Conditioning System, Frig, Well Equipment, Lights and so on, without costing an arm and a leg. That is hard to do with batteries, even with a very large budget.

I like to ask these questions when we discuss emergency power.

1. How often does the power go out ?

2. How long is it out for?

I think most would agree, Hurricanes are the concern. So Hurricane Irma and before that, Charley.

Our location didn't even loose power during Irma.

Our point is this, really think about the return on investment for Emergency Power.

"By the way, I have a 9000 watt generator that is over 3 years old now, I have never need to use it"

Our background includes 10 years working with LCEC, including generator transfer switches. We are a State Licensed Electrical Contractor, and we have your solution.


 Solar Plus Generator is the perfect solution for your energy needs. We have created a Solar Plus Generator package. This package includes a Grid-Tied Solar Power System that can eliminate your energy usage on your power bill every month, and a Free gas powered portable Generac generator large enough to run the big stuff when we have a real power emergency. 

​***Don't forget the 30% Federal tax credit. You get a 30% tax credit on the installed cost of a system***

Contact Us Today for more details and a Quote!  Let's get started!  This Hurricane season is already here!